Play Dough Porcupines (Fine Motor)
For this activity you’ll need a box of toothpicks, some googly eyes, and plenty of play dough. Have kids create porcupines by molding a body, legs, and head with the play dough. Once they have their outline completed, attach a couple googly eyes to the head, and then push the toothpicks into the top of the body to complete the porcupine. (You’ll probably want to cut the toothpicks in half so they aren’t as long.) Take pictures of kids’ creations to hang up later!

Porcupine Pros and Cons (Group)
All Ages
Tell kids to close their eyes and imagine that they are a porcupine. How would life be different? What would the pros and cons be? For example, do porcupines cuddle? Do they ever get their quills stuck as they try to wiggle into small spaces? Do they enjoy more alone time?