Throughout our website you can find an assortment of games and activities for kids that are organized according to different themes or subjects of learning. (Use the menu navigation strip above to get to those.) Yet there are also an assortment of general
purpose games and activities that don’t fall within any particular theme, and which can be adapted toward multiple situations. This section of our site is devoted to those projects


In these pages you will find an assortment of general purpose themes, party ideas, and fun indoor indoor and outdoor activities; projects that will keep your kids entertained on a day off from school or give your class a fun reprieve from your normal curriculum. It also contains many ideas that can become a regular part of your lesson plan; educational games or activities that can be used as a teaching tool over and over again. So select a topic menu on the left, or browse through a sampling of ideas listed below:

Activities For Kids

Scented Bubbles Activity
Mix bubble formula with cheap perfume to make scented bubbles. You can blow the bubbles and have the kids chase them, trying to burst each bubble on the tip of their nose to smell the fragrance inside. For the most fun, create several different bubble mixtures scented with different perfumes, and alternate between the different scents. It’s a great way to teach about sense of smell or simply spice up a fun, everyday activity!

Make Your Own Beanie Baby
Using old stuffed animals that your child no longer uses, cut a small incision and pull out the stuffing. Then have the child help you replace the filling with plastic pellets, rice, dried beans, or another type of similar material. Don’t fill it entirely full – leave some extra room so that it remains pliable. Then sew the seam up on your new beanie baby, and wallah! A newly re-purposed toy.

Homemade Putty Frisbees
Tired of losing Frisbee’s? Have kids create their own! This fun activity allows children to make their own flying disk, experimenting with aerodynamics and creating an outdoor toy in the end. (View activity by using link above.)

Split Personality Pictures (All Ages)
Look through magazines for large face portraits (fashion magazines work the best), pulling out whatever faces you see that are around the same size. Then divide each face in half and cut it down the middle. Set the pieces out at a table, and have kids mix and match the different halves to put together funny faces with “split personalities.” For added fun, have them talk about how the two personalities might interact together. You can also turn this into an art/writing project by having kids glue their own split facial portraits on a paper and then writing a story about this new creation.

The Freckle Game
Use a 3 punch hole puncher to make dots of all different colors  (several hundred at least) from construction or other colored paper to serve as ‘freckles’ Right before the game, dump a handful of freckles into small bowls filled with water. Pair kids up, get a timer, and have the children see how many freckles they can get to stick on to their partner within 1 or 2 minutes. Count them up at the end, then switch partners and play again.

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