Here are some activities that will entertain kids during birthday parties, social gatherings, or other special occasions.  Teachers may also find some great activity ideas to do in the classroom just for fun.

Fun Party Activities:

Candy Creations
Candy such as Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, caramels and salt water taffy can be molded and transformed into all sorts of shapes, and this makes a fun activity for kids during parties or in everyday activities. Simply microwave the candy until soft (3 to 5 seconds in most microwaves, a little longer if you do many at once.) and then flatten each candy with a rolling pin until it about 1/8” thick, or thin enough to cut with scissors or a butter knife.

Sterilize some child safety scissors by boiling them for 1 or 2 minutes, then set them on a towel to cool before giving to the kids.  (Or simply use butter knives.) Have the children cut their flattened candy pieces into all sorts of shapes, such as stars, harts, flowers, etc.  Have them cut many different candy pieces and assemble them into one larger picture on a paper plate, almost as if they were assembling a picture using pattern blocks.  Once the masterpiece is created, marvel at it for a bit, before enjoying the tasty treat!

Tie-died Marshmallow Treats
Use the recipe for generic frosting contained in our easy recipe book to make frosting in assorted colors.  Also gather several bags of large marshmallows and 1 kabob stick for each child.   Line the table with newspaper, and set out each color frosting in a separate bowl. Provide the kids with new toothbrushes and/or paintbrushes, and hand them a kabob stick and one marshmallow at a time.

Have them dip the tooth brushes in the frosting and use it to spackle the marshmallow in different colors or let them paint the marshmallow with a paint brush.  Allow kids to do 5 or 6 marshmallows, pushing each one onto their kabob stick.  When done, they’ll have a colorful and tasty treat

Rainbow Party Cookies
Purchase several packages of sugar cookies from your local store. Next, use the recipe for generic frosting contained in easy recipe book to make frosting on the thicker side in assorted colors and flavors.  (Or simply add food coloring and kool-aid flavoring to store bought vanilla frosting.)  Set each color out in its own  bowl and have children create their rainbow cookies by spooning an assortment of colors onto the bottom of a sugar cookie, then adding another cookie above it to create a sandwich cookie with colorful frosting in the middle.

Making Confetti (Fine Motor Skills)
Set out scrap paper in assorted colors, and provide the kids with scissors and hole punches.  Have them cut apart the paper into small pieces to make confetti.  Collect it in a large bowl for later use.