Welcome to our Core Curriculum Center!

This area contains curriculum resources and activities related to the core area of learning for infants and children of preschool, pre-K, and grades 1 – 6 in elementary school. The menu contains different core curriculum learning subjects that can be used across multiple grades by kids of all different ages. These are topics and activities that core curriculum picturespan all age groups and can be just as educational to 10-year-olds as they are to a preschool classroom.  You’ll also notice we have links to curriculum for children of specific ages.  Click on these, and a new menu on the left will appear that lists core curriculum relevant to that particular age group.

Please note that the material contained in the different age categories is based upon rough standard guidelines, and parents or teachers may want to sample some of the different ideas either above or below their age group. Toddler teachers may want to teach about basic shapes, which are listed in the preschool area, or preschool teachers may get children who don’t yet know their colors, which are listed as core curriculum for toddlers. Moreover, the differences between preschool curriculum and kindergarten curriculum can be quite small. Kindergarten teachers may get many good ideas from the preschool category, and vice-versa for preschool teachers. In addition, ambitious teachers who want to challenge their children might find that their kids are capable of more advanced skills. For example, we’ve had 4-year-olds in Pre-k classrooms performing second-grade addition and subtraction using the touch point system, and most picked up this skill easily in about 3 or 4 weeks. But since addition and subtraction is typically a grade school curriculum topic, it’s listed there.

In order to make the navigation of this area concise and convenient we’ve listed the different subjects and activities according to common practices for what is the most appropriate age group. But as you probably already know, there is no such thing as “standard” when it comes to kids. There can be quite a bit of overlap in many of these subjects, and so we certainly encourage our visitors to explore.