This area contains resources and activities covering core curriculum learning areas for children in elementary school, grades 1 – 6.  Select from the subjects on the left to browse for learning activities you can do with your particular age group.

Standard Elementary School Curriculum Guidelines

Here are some rough guidelines for what children typically learn at different grades throughout elementary school:

Grade One Learning Curriculum

  • Typically includes recognizing double digit numbers
  • Beginning to learn addition and subtraction concepts using objects
  • Beginning reading using simple sentences

Grad Two Learning Curriculum

  • Single digit addition and subtraction
  • Learning how to tell time


Grade Three Learning Curriculum

  • Continue addition and subtraction using double digit or multiple digit numbers
  • Beginning multiplication
  • Start cursive writing (though many school are doing away with this)


Grade Four Learning Curriculum

  • Identify and use fractions and decimals, and compare them on a number line
  • Handling money and making change
  • Beginning division
  • Focus shifts from learning to read to reading to learn, which means kids who aren’t proficient readers by this time start to fall farther behind

Grade Five Learning Curriculum

  • Be proficient at multiplication & division
  • Be able to do math comparing fractions and decimals and common percents, adding and subtracting them
  • Solve problems involving perimeter and area of triangles and all quadrilaterals having at least one pair of parallel sides (ie trapezoids)
  • Dissection  and biology


Grade Six Learning Curriculum

  • Multiply, divide fractions & decimals
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive integers
  • Analyze the properties of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and solve problems involving perimeter and area, surface area and volume


Fun Activities to try: