Preschool learning is very important for children.  These days
kindergarten teachers often have a difficult task on their hands:
they must try to educate children who have never attended a type of
structured learning, many of whom don’t even know their letters or
numbers, while also in the same classroom teaching children who
came from quality pre-K programs who may already be reading.
This discrepancy between students can make things challenging,
and you certainly don’t want your kids to be the ones on the lower
bar who the teacher is frantically trying to bring up to pace.

So whether you are a parent who home schools or a preschool
teacher looking for core curriculum activities and resources, these
pages will provide you with a number of ideas for teaching children
core knowledge and basic skills.

Standard Preschool Curriculum Guidelines
During the early years before they start kindergarten, preschool children should have generally mastered the following things in order to keep academically on pace with their peers:

Language & writing skills preschool children should master:


Core knowledge for preschoolers


Basic skills for preschoolers

  • Be proficient at cutting & using writing tools


Cognitive learning for preschool children

  • The ability to make abstract observations about objects