Kindergarten is such a magical time for learning, and what happens during this critical period can set the stage for a child’s school success for years to come. This is why we pack these pages with a number of activities and resources that teach kindergartners the skills they need to succeed.   Weather you’re a parent or teacher, you should find many curriculum ideas covering core learning that you can do with your kids.

What kids need to learn by the end of Kindergarten

These expectations can vary from district to district, and even from teacher to teacher, but here are some general guidelines for what skills children should pick up in kindergarten:

Kindergarten Reading & Language Skills

  • Know all their letters and beginning consonant phonics for each letter
  • Be familiar with common phonic blends
  • Recognize basic sight words
  • Be able to legibly write their name
  • Know to capitalize first and last names
  • Be able to tell you words that rhyme


Kindergarten Cognitive Curriculum

  • Be able to classify objects by their characteristics
  • Be able to make simple scientific observations


Math Concepts to Learn in Kindergarten

  • Be able to count at least to 20, though many schools want kids to be able to count to 100.
  • Beginning double digit number recognition


Kindergarten Life Skills

  • Understand the basics of community making how communities work
  • Be able to tie their shoes and zip their zippers, button buttons and other clothing needs


Kindergarten Core Knowledge & Basic Skills

  • Be able to identify all shapes
  • Know the days of the week

Kindergarten curriculum resources

The following resources will help you in planning a kindergarten curriculum for children.

Kindergarten lesson plan

Below you will find a sample printable lesson plan that can be used for kindergarten classrooms.