Children are natural scientists: not only are they inquisitive and energetic, but they have an instinct for controlled experimentation.  The goal of science education at the earliest levels should be to encourage and refine children’s innate love of exploring the world around them and to help that encaustic behavior grow into true scientific literacy.”
– Editors of Scientific American, March 2010


Many teachers struggle with implementing a science curriculum for pre-school and elementary school kids which is a shame, because science can be one of the most fun and intriguing subjects when done right. The following ideas will provide fun activities and science projects for kids of all ages that will spice up your science learning.

Science Experiments for Kids
This link takes you to fun science demonstrations & experiments that you can do in your classroom.  Most of these are teacher directed activities.

Science Activities for Kids
This section features science activities that focus more around self exploration and lend themselves toward center class time work.

Life Science Activities for Kids
The science of life is one of the most intriguing areas of science for kids to explore, and this area features fun learning activities for kids of all ages.

Science Games for Kids
Fun games that will teach children about about different science concepts.

Microscope Activities
Microscopes provide tons of fun educational experiences for kids. This page provides some basic activities to get you started.