Throughout our website you can find an assortment of games and activities for kids that are organized according to different themes or subjects of learning. (Use the menu navigation strip above to get to those.) In this area there are also an assortment of general purpose games and activities that don’t fall within any particular theme, and can be adapted toward multiple situations, and are done simply for fun. This section of our site is devoted to those projects.

The Freckle Game
Use a 3 punch hole puncher to make dots of all different colors (several hundred at least) from construction or other colored paper to serve as ‘freckles’ Right before the game, dump a handful of freckles into small bowls filled with water. Pair kids up, get a timer, and have the children see how many freckles they can get to stick on to their partner within 1 or 2 minutes. Count them up at the end, then switch partners and play again.

Table Pong Game
This is a quick and easy game to play in the classroom or at home. Push a table against the wall and set up cups on the table.  (You may need to tape the bottoms to the table if you use disposable cups.) Set out ping pong balls. Play the game by A) Have kids bounce their ball against the table so that it ricochets against the wall and then lands in one of the cups, or B) Have them try to bounce the ball directly from the table and land it in a cup without using the wall. You can make the game more or less challenging by adding or reducing the number of cups involved.

Table Hockey
For this unique version of table hockey, fill several cups with about 1 inch water and freeze them to make hockey pucks. Next, spray one of your tables with a light dusting of water to make it slick. Take one ice cube puck out of the paper cup and place it on the table. Have the kids sit around the table and use a wooden block to hit the puck back and forth to each other while trying to keep it from falling off the table. Pucks will occasionally break, hence the need for more than one.

Here are other games for kids: