Whether you’ve got a long road trip planned or simply need an activity to keep kids occupied on a bus ride, these car games for kids will do the trick.

Fun Car Games for Kids

Silly Acronyms Car Game
Whenever you stop at a red light, read out the letter from the license plate on the car in front of you. Then have children think up silly phrases using each of the letters from the plate. For example, RRS might be “Really, raunchy snacks” or CFP might get turned into “Crazy Flying Pig.” Not only does it keep the kids entertained, but its an educational activity that makes them think.

Travel Bingo Game
On long trips, make bingo cards with different things your kids are likely to see out their window along the say, such as railroad tracks, churches, different items on signs and billboards, and so on. As they see these items out their particular window, have them mark it with an ‘X’ to play bingo or blackout.