Here are some creative games and activities you can have children play using a jump rope:

Jump Inside the Lines
Draw a 5’ wide chalk circle around each jumper.  When a teacher says go kids try to jump rope inside the circle without stepping on or outside the line for a period of 30 seconds to a minute.  If a player steps out of bounds, they leave the game.  If they miss a jump, the circle will move in 3 inches around the edges on the next round for each miss.  Play until the last jumper is left jumping.

Playing Snake
In this classic game, 2 players each hold one end of the rope on the ground and wiggle it side to side like a snake (starting slow and speeding up) as other players try to jump over it with one or both feet.  If a player touches, he switches roles to wiggle the snake while the other player jumps.

Jump Rope Racing
Conduct races to have children run while jumping rope.  You can also mix it up by playing jump rope “Red Light, Green Light.”

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Use yellow sidewalk chalk to draw a winding, curvy path along your concrete. Kids try to jump down the path without stepping on the line.