Here are some fun outdoor games that will liven up the time your kids spend outside:

Number Sequence Tag
Write the numbers 1 through 9 on separate shoe boxes, small cardboard boxes, or anything else that can serve as a pillar or marker on your lawn.  Spread them out at various junctures in your play area.  Then using a sheet of paper on a clipboard and a pen, write down each child’s name and a random 5 digit sequence (i.e., 4, 2, 7, 9, 0) coming up with a different sequence for each kid.  To play the game, tell each child the first number they must find.  Have them run and tag that box, then run back to you.  When they get back, tell them the second number in their sequence.  They then have to run and tag their first number, then the second, and run back to you.

Continue this until they get through all five numbers.  Its a game that tests their memory as well as their stamina!

Racing Games to Play Outdoors

The Grab Bag Relay Game
Divide kids into tow or three separate teams (depending on how many students you have), get a paper or plastic bag or a plastic jar for each team.  Next, cut some paper into pieces, and write down different instructions for things to do, such as “perform 10 jumping jacks” or “run to the slide and back” or “hop to the tree and back.” Place one of each instruction into every grab-bag, and come up with enough instructions so that each child on the team has one task to perform.  Shut the grab-bag in the center of your outdoor area, and yell start.  The first child grabs a slip, performs the duty listed, and then races back to touch the bag for the next child, like a relay race. Whichever team finishes all their tasks first wins.

The shoe scramble game
Have kids take off their shoes and put them in a big pile at one end of your outdoor area.  Then line them up on the other side of the grass and yell go.  Have them race to find their shoes, put them on, and race back to the starting line.

Ice Cream Cone Races
Give each child an ice cream cone, wiffle ball, and a cherry.  Have them place the wiffle ball on top of the cones, then balance the cherry into one of the wiffle ball holes.  Have them race across the yard without dumping their ‘ice cream’ or cherry.  If a child drops their load, they must stop in place and assemble it again before moving.