An assortment of general water activities; projects that will keep your kids entertained on a day off from school or give your class a fun reprieve from your normal curriculum.

Great water activities for kids:

Sticks On A String (Special activity)
Preschool-Grade 4
If you’re heading out to the lake, bring a battery-operated power drill with a small drill bit and some string. Have kids search for a stick that suits them, looking for smooth sticks without jagged edges or pointy parts. Once they’ve found the perfect match, drill a hole through one end, tie a string around it, and then cut the string so that it gives kids 4 or 5 feet of slack. They’ll have fun pulling the stick through the water like a pull-toy boat. For added enjoyment, have them search for 2 or 3 suitable sticks, and then tie them together like a train. It might seem simple, but you’ll be amazed at how it keeps them entertained. Just be sure to monitor their activity closely so that they don’t turn their toy into a weapon or bother nearby swimmers.