In this theme, we will cover cars, motorcycles, auto races and race tracks.  We will discover the basic mechanics of how these machines work.

Theme Resources

Cars & Motorcycle Coloring Pages

Roads & Streets Coloring Pages

Preparing for this theme

  • Ask parents to bring in whatever old car or motorcycle magazines they might have lying around the house that they don’t need anymore.


Field trips & special events

  • Arrange to tour a car dealership if possible.
  • Take a field trip to a drag racing strip. While they don’t normally have actual shows during the week, they do have practice and qualifying events. Our class got a big kick out of talking with the drivers and watching them race down the speedway. They saw just as much action and we had the whole place to ourselves.
  • Sunday drive: Cars are more than an object; they are a symbol of freedom – a ticket to head off down the road and travel to new places. Illustrate this point by planning a road trip with your kids. Drive along scenic highways, play road games in the car, and schedule a few short stops at rest stops, scenic areas, or other interesting destinations. Have kids bring along a dollar or two and stop at a roadside convenience store to pick out snacks for the trip. It’s an unorthodox field trip, but if you plan it well the kids will have a wonderful time.
  • Set aside a day for ‘remote control car day,’ when kids who have a remote control car can bring it in to play with at school.


Classroom decoration ideas

  • Walk along the highway and look for hub caps that you can salvage, clean up, and hang on the wall in your classroom.
  • Get the rubber section from several old tires (ask your local tire dealership if they can donate a few; they typically end up with the old worn out tires when people replace the ones on their car) and turn them into a lounge seat for your classroom by laying them on their side like a doughnut and throwing a blanket or two in the middle.


Show & Tell

  • Have kids bring in a picture of their own car.