This theme explores animals of all kinds.  If it has fur, legs, teeth, a nose, a tail, or just lives on earth (and isn’t human) we’ll try to cover it here.

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Theme Resources

Teaching Kids About Animals

The following subjects from our teacher’s encyclopedia will give you some fun and educational talking points and additional lessons to do with your kids:

Preparing for this theme:

  • Collect as many plastic animal figurines as you can gather.
  • Ask for donations of old National Geographic’s or other magazines that feature animal pictures.
  • Try to find an animal encyclopedia or other books on animals to stock your library area throughout this theme.


Field trips & special activities

  • Take a field trip to the zoo
  • Visit a local animal shelter or Dumb Friends League


Show & share

  • Talk about your favorite animal


Theme-related books:

  • Is Your Mama A Llama?


Animal concepts to discuss:

  • Hibernation
  • Herbivores & carnivores
  • Animal babies


Theme words
Use the following as spelling or vocabulary words throughout this theme:

  • Animal
  • Canines: Two front teeth that are longer (and often pointier) than the others
  • Carnivore: An animal that eats meat
  • Claw
  • Fur
  • Habitat: The environment in which an animal lives
  • Herbivore: An animal that eats plants
  • Hoof
  • Mane
  • Omnivore: An animal that eats both meat and plants
  • Reserve: A spot of land set aside for animals to live without human interference.
  • Tail


  Silly Kid Jokes

  • A man looses his dog, so he puts an ad in the paper, and the ad says: “Here, boy.”  – Comedian Spike Milligan.