Police, Doctor or Fireman? (All Ages)
In this simple group time game, go through the different scenarios listed below, and ask children who they would want to respond: A policeman, a fireman, veterinarian, or a paramedic/doctor. In situations where more than one answer is appropriate, have them discuss who they would want first, and why. You can also have them come up with their own first responders, (animal control, Superman if you want to allow silliness), if others seem more appopriate for the situation.

  • You smell gas inside your apartment
  • You’re drivng home from work one night and accidentally hit Bigfoot with your car
  • You were waliing down the street when somedody shot you in the leg
  • You got in a car accident
  • There’s a wild bear who chased you up a tree
  • You broke your leg while hiking
  • You’re lost in the forest
  • You came home to find a burglar in the house
  • Somebody stole your bike
  • Your grandpa is having chest pains
  • Your dog got bit by a rattlesnake
  • Your little sister ate your sock
  • Your cat is stuck in a tree
  • Your mom is making you eat brussel sprouts
  • There’s a funny smell coming from your house, and it’s not Dad farting this time
  • A rabid dog is loose in the neighborhood
  • A friend passed out on the soccer field
  • A strange car was parked outside your house.

These are only suggestions; feel free to come up with your own unique scenarios.

What Would You Do (All Ages)
In this simple yet fun group time activity, tell kids to imagine each of the following scenarios, and then ask them what they would do if this actually happened.

  • You had just been in a serious accident, and the ambulance crashed on its way to get you
  • You had your own fire truck to use as you pleased
  • You had an entire police department to do your bidding
  • You were a police officer with all the power that comes with it
  • You could become any kind of doctor you wanted
  • You could become any type of community helper you wanted


Curious Random Thoughts (All Ages)
Sit down with your kids and act like you’re daydreaming, swaying back and forth with your hand on your chin while staring dreamily off into the distance. Or stretch out on the floor and lay down, and have the kids in your class do the same. Then hit them with the following random thoughts, starting each sentence with “I wonder….” and then having a brief discussion about each one.

  • What it would be like to do surgery on yourself
  • If cops have to worry about getting a speeding ticket
  • If I put on a doctors outfit and walked into a hospital pretending to be a doctor, would they let me treat patients?
  • Why don’t pets get lollipops when they visit the Vet?


After you’ve exhausted your list of random thoughts, you might ask the kids if they have any random thoughts of their own, and if so, to share them with the class. It’s an activity your kids are sure to love!