Th phonetic blends are trickier for young toungs. The best way to teach kids this sound is by using the word the. Then as you’re making the th sound, expand it into other words:




Here are some additional activities and resources that will help you teach kids about this phonetic blend:

Th word list
A convenient list of words that have the Th blend in the beginning, middle, or end. While working with kids, open this list from your phone or tablet computer to use as a reference in group time discussions and word brainstorming activities.

Th flashcards
A set of flashcards featuring sh words.

  • Digital flashcards (A scrolling page of flashcards to open and show from your phone or tablet computer) (coming soon)

  • Printable TH flashcards

Th table labels/Classroom posters
Print out these pages to use as table labels or classroom posters. Use scissors to trim away excess if necessary, and then laminate the various labels to your classroom tables or post them on the wall for the week to work on emergent literacy: (coming soon)

  • Thorn table label

  • Thief table label

  • Thread table label

  • Thumb table label

  • Thermos table label

  • ¬†Throat table label

Th Activities:

I Present The
Speak to your kids by inserting words like the, thy or thou into your speech throughout the day in places you normally wouldn’t, and encourage your kids to do the same. For example, “Will thy Jessica come play with thou?” or “Thou shall not cut in line.” It’s a fun way to teach kids about the sound made by this phonic blend.