Two O’s put together make an “ooh” sound, as if you were saying “ooh” and “ah” in regards to something astonishing. Or you can have kids pretend they are a chimp and go “ooo, ooo, ooo,” over and over again. This shouldn’t be much of a stretch for many of them.

Once they have the sound down, give each child a spoon as a prop, and ask them to think of words that have this “oo” sound. When they come up with one, have them take their spoon and make a motion like they’re scooping up cereal while saying, “spoon the moon” or “spoon a baboon.”

Here are some additional activities and resources that will help you teach kids about this phonetic blend:

OO Word List
convenient list of words that contain the oo blend. Open this list from your phone or tablet computer to use as a reference when working with kids on group time discussions or brainstorming activities.

OO Flashcards
A set of flashcards featuring oo words:

OO Table Labels/Classroom Posters
Print out these pages to use as table labels or classroom posters. Use scissors to trim away excess paper if necessary, and then laminate the various labels onto your classroom tables, or hang them on the wall for the week to work on emergent literacy: coming soon!

  • Spoon

  • Moon

  • Broom