It’s often difficult for parents and teachers to come up with math activities for preschool children. The preschool math curriculum ideas outlined below will make math learning fun for preschoolers.

Math activities for preschool children

Playdough Fractions (Parent Preferred)
Set out some play-dough at one of your tables, and have the kids take a chunk, pat it flat, and mold it into the shape of a pizza. Provide them with pizza cutters and butter knives. Work on fraction skills by having them cut apart their play-dough pizza into halves, quarters, or whatever fractions they decide, and dish out pieces of their “pizza” to other kids at the table.

Fractions with Food (Special Activity)
Dividing up food is a great way to teach kids about fractions. You can divide fruit, hot dogs, doughnuts, pastries, bologna, and many other things. Gather an assortment of easy to cut foods, and sit down for a tasting party with your kids. Cut the items into pieces and divvy them among the class, talking about the different fractions they are cut into as you pass them out

Preschool math games

Dice Sequencing Game
Collect a variety of dice, and place them at one of your tables along with plastic cups.  Have children place 4 to 6 dice inside their cup, shake them, and roll them on the table.

After rolling the dice, have them sequence each set from lowest to highest, putting any matching dice side by side.  It will work on basic math concepts as well as simple counting skills.  With your more advanced kids, have them count the total amount of the dice to work on beginning addition.