Below is a list of words that contain the letter S. It is divided up by sight words, simple words, words that begin with S, words with S in the middle, and words that end with S, thus giving teachers a complete reference guide to use in working with kids on phonics. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our Letter of the Week Guidelines & Activities, which provides detailed instructions and additional activity ideas that you can use with these lists.

Simple words:
Sack, sad, safe, sail, saint, sale, salsa, salt, sand, sap, sassy, sat, save, saw, scab, scale, scalp, scam, scan, scar, scare, scarf, scary, scent, school, scold, scoop, score, scout, scrub, scuba, scum, sea, seal, seat, seed, seen, sell, send, sense, sent, sew, sick, sign, silk, silly, silo, sin, sing, sink, sip, sit, site, size, skate, ski, skid, skin, skirt, skull, skunk, sky, slam, slap, slave, sled, slice, slime, slip, slob, slow, small, smart, smell, smile, smoke, snack, snail, snake, snap, snarl, sniff, snot, snow, soap, sock, soda, sofa, soft, soil, son, song, soup, space, speed, spell, spend, spoon, sport, spray, spy, stand, star, start, state, stay, step, stew, store, stork, story, stove, straw, sue, sugar, Sumo, sun, super, surf, sushi, swamp, swan, sweat, sweet, swim, swing, sword, syrup.

S Beginning:
Sabbath, sabotage, saber-toothed, sacred, sacrifice, saddle, safari, sag, saga, sage, sailor, sake, salary, saliva, sally, salmon, salon, saloon, salute, salvage, salvation, samba, Samoa, sample, samurai, sanction, sanctuary, sandal, sandwich, sane, sang, sanitary, sank, Santa, sapling, sarcastic, sarcophagus, sardine, Satan, satellite, satin, satisfy, saturate, Saturday, Saturn, sauce, saucer, Saudi, sauna, sausage, savage, savant, savvy, saxophone, scaffold, scalding, scallop, scandal, scapegoat, scarce, scarecrow, scarlet, scatter, scenario, scene, schedule, scheme, schizophrenia, scholar, science, scissors, scoff, scooter, scope, scorch, scorn, scorpion, Scottish, scoundrel, scourge, scowl, scrabble, scram, scramble, scrap, scrape, scratch, scrawny, scream, screech, screen, screw, scribble, scribe, scrimmage, script, scripture, scroll, scrooge, scrounge, scruffy, scrumptious, scrunch, scuffle, sculpture, scurry, seam, search, seashell, season, secluded, second, secret, secretary, section, sector, secure, sedan, sediment, seduce, seek, seep, see-saw, seismic, seize, seldom, select, selfish, semi, seminar, Senate, senior, sensation, sensible, sensitive, sensory, sentence, sentiment, separate, September, sequel, sequence, sequin, serenade, serene, sergeant, serial, series, serious, sermon, serpent, servant, serve, service, sesame, session, settle, seven, sever, several, severe, sewer, sextuplet, Siamese, siblings, sideways, siege, siesta, sift, sigh, sight, signal, signature, significant, silent, silhouette, silicone, silver, similar, simmer, simple, sincere, singe, single, sinister, sinus, siphon, siren, sirloin, sissy, sister, situation, sizzle, skedaddle, skeleton, skeptical, sketch, skill, skillet, skim, skimpy, skip, skipper, skit, slab, slack, slander, slang, slash, slaughter, slay sleazy, sleek, sleep, sleeve, sleigh, slender, slick, slide, slight, slim, sling, slippers, slit, slither, sliver, slogan, slope, sloppy, slot, sloth, slouch, sludge, slug, sluggish, slum, slumber, slump, slurp, sly, smack, smash, smear, smirk, smock, smog, smooch, smooth, smother,
smug, smuggle, snag, snare, snatch, snazzy, sneak, sneeze, snicker, snip, snitch, snob, snoop, snooze, snore, snorkel, snort, snotty, snout, snub, snuff, snuggle, soak, soar, sob, soccer, social, society, solar, sold, soldier, sale, solely, solid, solitary, solo, solution, solve, Somalia, somehow, someone, something, sonar, soothe, sophisticated, sorcerer, sore, sort, soul, sound, sour, source, south, souvenir, soy sauce, spa, spade, spaghetti, spam, span, Spanish, spar, spare, spark, sparkle, sparkler, sparrow, sparse, spasm, spat, spatter, spawn, speak, spear, special, species, specific, specimen, speck, spectacle, spectacular, spectrum, speech, sphere, sphinx, spice, spider, spigot, spike, spill, indigenous, jealous, kiss, kudos, loss, Mars, mass, minus, moss, mysterious, nervous, oppress, obvious, octopus, pants, pass, pelvis, platypus, pliers, pompous, precious, previous, princess, process, progress, pus, quadriceps, rabies, radius, recess, reckless, repress, ridiculous, tedious, tennis, toss, treacherous, triceratops, unanimous, uterus, Uranus, undress, unless, us, various, Venus, vicious, virus, walrus, was, yes, zealous.

Middle and end:
Basis, crisis, dismiss, distress, genesis, gymnastics, hypnosis, Jesus, measles, nauseous, nemesis, oasis, obsess, possess, prognosis, righteous, rigorous, trespass, trousers, tyrannosaurus, versus.