We have pictures to color of all different types of animals, including educational coloring pages of animals you probably never heard of. Browse through the selection of animal coloring pictures below (which are organized by headings in alphabetical order) to select a printable coloring sheet for your kids.

Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages

Character Letter Z Coloring Page


Cats & Dogs, our Pets Coloring Pictures


Woman Veterinarian with a Dog Coloring Page


Dog Catching Frisbee


Surfing Dog Coloring Sheet



Dog Playing Ball Coloring Page



Cat Face Coloring Picture


Kitten With Balloon Coloring Sheet


Assorted Animal Coloring Pages

Horse Coloring Page


P is for Prairie Dog Coloring Page

M is for Mouse Coloring Page

Saddled Camel Coloring Sheet

P is for Pig Coloring Sheet

Mongolian Reindeer Rider Coloring Page


Desert Camel Coloring Picture


Horse in the Stable Coloring Page



Color Yourself Careing for a Cow

T is for Tiger Coloring Page

Surfing Dog Coloring Sheet

Farm Animals Coloring Picture

Desert Camel Coloring Picture

C is for Camel Coloring Page


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Bear Coloring Pages

Bear Cub in a Tree


Bear Sitting Against Tree


Bear Cubs in Forest


Bear Climbing Tree


Polar Bear Coloring Sheet

Elephant Coloring Pages

India Elephant Rides

Sitting Elephant Coloring Page


Elephant Fun Time Coloring Page


Trumpeting Elephant Coloring Page


Elephant in the Forest Coloring Page


E is for Elephant


Circus Elephant Coloring Page


Monkey Coloring Pages

Bioko Preuss Monkey Coloring Page


M is for Monkey Coloring Page


Cotton Top Tamarin Monkey Coloring Page