– Terms of Use –

Here’s another terms of use agreement that you probably won’t read. ( I can sense your finger twitching toward the mouse button already.) In order to keep your account in good standing, we ask that you adhere to the following simple terms of use:

  1. Don’t share your password or account information with others. If everyone on the Western seaboard starts logging on with your account info, we’ll know something’s up.
  1. You are welcome to photocopy and reproduce the printables contained on this site as needed for normal school/classroom use. However…
  1. Do not post content from this site on other platforms or otherwise share our materials on the Internet.
  1. User (that’s you) accepts all responsibility for taking any necessary safety precautions associated with any of the activities or information on this site. So if that child in your class whose name we dare not speaketh (we all have one) happens to find an ingenious way to weaponize one of these activities and use it against some hapless victim, whose parents then proceed to rain fire and fury down upon you, don’t blame us. Remember that unspoken rule applied to parents and teachers everywhere: No matter what happens, it’s all your fault. (Unless it’s something positive, in which case others will surely rush to take credit for it.)
  1. By joining this site you are hereby inducted into the super-secret army of stealth ninja warriors, sworn to protect the earth from the 3-headed lizard people that reside on the planet Zebulon. So if the world is ever invaded by those pesky Zebulonians, we’ll be counting on you to do your part. Better start training. You don’t want to be learning how to use nunchucks in live action
  1. Rule number 5 is non-binding.


-Privacy Policy –

Our site, www.ecekids.com does not rent, sell, or share your information with any other site, entity, or organization.  However, the Google related services on some of our pages are subject to what ever tracking Google does. But then again, Google already knows your childhood pets and how many time you brush your teeth, so it’s not like you’ll be giving them anything new.