These are games that lend themselves especially well at parties or
other social gatherings, but parents and teachers may also find
many ideas here that they can do with their kids just for fun.

The Oven Mitt Challenge Game
Gather several pairs of oven mitts, along with a big pile of extra adult size clothing, preferably items with buttons, zippers, or snaps.  Set the clothes in a pile in the middle of the floor.  Have children stand on different sides of the clothing pile, either wearing their swim suits or just dressed in normal clothing. Have each child put on a pair of oven mitts.  Then using a clock or other times, have them race to see who can put on the most clothing items in one minute while wearing the oven mitts.  You can also play by giving each child a set of clothing and simply racing to see who can get dressed first.  Its an amusing challenge that is sure to lead to lots of laughs!

Party Games for Parents

Blind Moms Bluff
Line kids up, blindfold mothers, and have them see if they can pick out their child from the bunch either by feeling the child’s hands and face as kids are quiet, or by going all at once, having the kids shout to mom among the group. See which parent can find their kid first.